Snow day!

Who else remembers those cold winter mornings eating cereal in front of the TV just waiting for your school's name to run across the bottom of the screen? Maybe you mom would wake you up with those two magic words..."Snow day!"
*Disclaimer--I grew up in Kansas, we needed quite the blizzard to cancel school. 
A snow day is heaven sent. When I was in grade school it meant building a snowman, sledding, making snow ice cream, and probably a nap somewhere in the afternoon. In middle and high school, it meant sleeping in, finishing the homework I didn't do, or spending the day with friends. Today, I'm watching Netflix and indulging in Valentine's candy. Snow days don't come around often, so when they do take full advantage. I see so many social media posts "I hate snow" or "I miss summer" but you don't get a snow day in the summer, guys!
So instead of being grumpy about frostbite and the slush it will leave when it's gone. Get outside (for 5 minutes) and bask in the beauty that is the snow! Catch a few snow flakes on your tongue, throw a snowball or two, enjoy it because all too soon, it will be gone. After that run inside, put on your fluffiest socks, grab a snack, and start a new Netflix series! I'm loving Reign.
Stay Warm!
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I'm back

Is this thing on...? It's been quite some time since I've blogged. I suppose I was far too busy moving again to fire up the computer and type. Recently, many of my friends have picked up blogging and it made me miss it. So, here I am. If there are still any readers, let me know what you want to read! Looking for a blog make over so any designers--hit me up!
It's good to be back.
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Winter lapse

Before I start this, let's get one thing straight, I LOVE Winter. Absolutely love it. Sweaters, Snow, Christmas, my birthday, a month long hiatus from school....the whole kit and caboodle. However, there is one thing I dislike about the winter months, no TV! All of my shows are on hiatus, I've been reduced to watching #RichKidsBeverlyHills ( are they serious?) and old episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. Please don't lecture me about The Bachelor , I think it's ridiculous and Juan Pablo has proved to be unworthy and creepy. Give me back my shows! Thankfully, I only have two more weeks of this torture before my beloved stories are back. Here is a list my best shows & predictions of what is to come.
WHAT....a cliffhanger, will April choose Jackson or Matthew? Safe to say, I'm #teamjackson all the way. Those eyes.....I digress. And Meredith & Cristina? Will they ever be the same, I don't know. I feel like their fight was closure for them, either to move forward or to go their separate ways. Also, these last episodes are the last for Sandra Oh (Cristina). I hope Cristina gets a proper goodbye. Watch my favorite doctors on ABC Thursdays @ 9/8c !
Literal tears at the midseason finale. I actually have no predictions as to how they are going to spin the rest of the season or how everyone will be reunited. HOWEVER: I cannot contain my excitement that the Wicked Witch of the West is coming !! My favorite movie is mixing with one of my favorite shows. Tune in for the magic on ABC Sundays @ 8/7c!
( I hope so)
Holy Guacamole. Secret mother is actually alive and a terrorist say what? I can't be the only one that felt a little bad for Mr. Pope when Fitz & Jake took over his job, he was trying to protect Olivia and clearly the government gave him the power to do what he was doing for a reason. End rant. VP killed her gay husband, cray. Kerry Washington is pregnant in real life, maybe Olivia is about to have the first baby? (first interracial, love child of the president and his mistress, I see a new path being forged, ABC!)  I don't care what anyone says, I love me some Mellie. That girl is fierce and funny and everything I hope to portray. And our favorite gay political couple? I adore James and hate when Cyrus is mean to him, but I really want them to work it out. ABC has a clip going around of Olivia & Mellie meeting for lunch in which the words "respectable woman" are used. Hold on to your flags & trench coats, Capital Hill is in for one hell of a storm. ESPECIALLY when afore mentioned terroristic mother is on the loose (nice one, Liv.) Catch all the drama Thursday nights, after Greys on ABC!
Grey's Anatomy & Scandal return the 27th while Once Upon A Time returns in March. In the meantime, I'll spend my time with Pretty Little Liars (Ezra is A...why? I HAVE TO KNOW!) ,Dance Moms (#teamChloe)  and the final season of How I Met Your Mother. These shows keep me occupied while I die of anticipation for the rest.

Longest post, ever.
The END.
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19 days later...
This year has already been super busy for me. Most importantly, this weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday!! I can't even believe that I'm not 16 anymore. I do not feel as mature and put together as I should. I mean, I still eat goldfish crackers for a snack. And just last week I bought Disney Princess spaghetti-o's. If that doesn't scream adult, I don't  know what does.In my first full day of being a twenty-something, I vow to be more responsible, respectful, and kind. I vow to make a five year plan and to live each day to the fullest. I also vow to devote more time for myself, blogging, reading, driving with the windows down, anything just for myself. In honor of these vows and my birthday, I'm giving you 22 facts about moi!
1. I believe that I was a princess in another life.
2. I don't drink pop.
3. I was terrified of dogs when I was young.
4. I've had the same friends since I was in 2nd grade (small town problems)
5. I recently figured out what I want to do with my life, and it has nothing to do with my major. (cue quarter life crisis meltdown).
6. Purple is my favorite color
7. Wizard of Oz is my FAVORITE movie. ( I know all the words)
8. My little brother is my world.
9. I'm a recovering shopaholic.
10. Will & Grace reruns keep me up late night.
11. Monogram obsessed.
12. I once screamed at an NFL player in a bar...and tweeted about him.
13. I LOVE holidays & birthdays (any reason to buy/get presents!)
14. Karen Walker is my spirit animal. She's fabulous &funny.
15. Future Bravo Real Housewife
16. Love my mama.
17. I cry at the end of almost every movie.
18. Saw Beyoncé in concert and shed a tear.
19. Dolphins are my favorite animal!
20. I eat a Hershey's bar at least 3 times a week.
21. Love trivia games (Download "Heads Up" by Ellen on iTunes!!)
22. Nothing makes me happier than having a margarita with my best friend or watching a movie with my family.
365 days until my next birthday!
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my spirit animal, Karen Walker. Hope you all have an amazingly blessed day!


On the 6th Day of Christmas..

Good afternoon!

'Tis the season! Thanksgiving came and went. Finals drug on (thanks for that Icepocalypse 2013!) and finally I'm home with my family and gettin' festive. There are roughly 6 days until Christmas and for those next 6 days, I have a few things planned. 

1. Chug hot chocolate like it is water on a hot day.
2. DVR every single Rankin Bass cartoon.
3. Incorporate Christmas carols into everyday conversations
4. See just how many times I can watch the Grinch.

I will also make time to make Christmas cookies & candy with my mom and take my brother around town to look at Christmas lights. Since the time is winding down until Old St. Nick comes crashing down the chimney, I took the opportunity this morning to attend my brother's 4th grade Christmas party and Oh, What fun! ( see #3 on the To do list) his teacher had the most AMAZING homemade hot chocolate, but it was a secret recipe so I may never know the ingredients. How will you be spending these last few pre Christmas days? 
Leave a comment, follow me on twitter, and God bless you, every one.
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Sunday Social

Hey y'all! 
This is my very first link up! I saw this on Danae's blog Duh Danae so of course I wanted to join! So, here we go...
What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

What is your Favorite Smell?
Pumpkin scented candles & the smell before it rains.
What is your favorite commercial?
It's December so I'm doing a Christmas theme...

What is your favorite day of the week?
Sunday, a day dedicated to watching TV and planning my entire week makes me a happy girl!

What is your favorite way to waste time?
Online shopping or reading a good book. Currently reading "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang"

What is your favorite article of clothing?
Before black Friday, I would've said my new  black and white far isle/aztec cardigan, but after I scored some black leather riding boots for $30! They are my new favorite addition.

Have a great first week of December!

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